Yiangos Papanastasiou

Profile Picture Associate Professor
Operations & Information Technology Management
Haas School of Business
University of California, Berkeley

PhD (London Business School)
MEng, BA (University of Cambridge)

Contact Information:
Haas School of Business
2220 Piedmont Ave
Berkeley, CA 94720

E-mail: yiangos@haas.berkeley.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Research Papers

Improving Dispute Resolution in Two-Sided Platforms: The Case of Review Blackmail.
         Joint work with S. Alex Yang and Angela Zhang.
         Major Revision, Management Science.
Information Provision in Two-Sided Platforms: Optimizing for Supply.
         Joint work with Kostas Bimpikis and Wenchang Zhang.
         Minor Revision, Management Science.
Advance Selling to Ease Financial Distress.
         Joint work with Shuang Xiao and S. Alex Yang.
         Major Revision, Management Science.
Seeding the Herd: Pricing and Welfare Effects of Social Learning Manipulation.
         Joint work with Li Chen.
         Management Science (2021), 67(11), 6734-6750.
Newsvendor Decisions with Two-Sided Learning.
         Management Science (2020), 66(11), 5408-5426.
Fake News Propagation and Detection: A Sequential Model.
         Management Science (2020), 66(5), 1826-1846.
Book Chapter: Inducing Exploration in Service Platforms.
         Joint work with Kostas Bimpikis.
         Sharing Economy (2019), 193-216. Springer, Cham.
Social Learning and the Design of New Experience Goods.
         Joint work with Pnina Feldman and Ella Segev.
         Management Science (2019), 65(4), 1502-1519.
Crowdsourcing Exploration.
         Joint work with Kostas Bimpikis and Nicos Savva.
         Management Science (2018), 64(4), 1727-1746.
Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Social Learning and Strategic Consumers.
         Joint work with Nicos Savva.
         Management Science (2017), 63(4), 919-939.
Scarcity Strategies Under Quasi-Bayesian Social Learning.
         Joint work with Nitin Bakshi and Nicos Savva.
         Technical Report, London Business School (2015).

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